Thyroid Disease Awareness Month

Thyroid Disease Awareness Month is honored in the month of January; so here we are! I remember a time in my life when thyroid disease wasn't even a thought that entered my mind. All of that changed in October 2016 when I discovered a lump in my throat. In May of 2017 I was diagnosed... Continue Reading →

Health Chronicles: My Dental Journey

If there’s one thing I’ve been certain of pretty much since I was 9 years old; it’s that I have a beautiful smile. And I don’t say that in a conceited or braggadocios way, but it’s literally the one thing I’ve liked about myself pretty consistently…that is until now. I share a lot about my... Continue Reading →

Moving On: The Journey of Healing

A month ago I sat down at the very laptop I'm typing on right now, and explained that I needed to focus on my health journey and my healing. I was in the depths of a depressive episode and didn't feel compelled to be blogging a la Carrie Bradshaw. And though my depressive episode is... Continue Reading →

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