My 400 LB Life

My 400 lb life may seem like click bait; but I promise you it is not! My name is AP and I really am 400+ lbs...440 (depending on the day lol) to be exact. Most of you reading this are probably cringing at the very thought of ever being my size. It's probably made you... Continue Reading →

Curvy Spotlight: Ceceily Maraya

If you're not new here, then you're already familiar with the Curvy Spotlight here on my blog where I highlight women in business. If you are new here, welcome! And make yourself comfortable and prepare to dig into today's spotlight honoree. Meet Ceiceily. Ceceily Maraya is the owner of not one but two businesses here... Continue Reading →

Dear Fat Girl: Stop Asking for Acceptance

I've been thinking about how to write this for months. It's a topic that pops into my head quite often, especially when I find myself scrolling social media or having conversations with my fat friends. I started not to write about it because I didn't want to not be able to articulate thoroughly what I... Continue Reading →

Plus on a Budget – Amazon Fashion

If there is one thing I love it is finding plus size clothing for cheap! Nothing makes a purchase more sweet than when the final price doesn't make me shed tears! And that's exactly how I felt when I purchased the Kancystore Women Short Sleeve Plus Size Long Maxi Dress with Pockets Loose Casual T-Shirt... Continue Reading →

My First Dia & Co Unboxing

If you are a plus size body who's into fashion; at this point I'm sure you have to be familiar with Dia & Co. If you're not familiar with Dia & Co, no worries keep reading! Dia & Co is an online subscription styling service that prides itself on creating a pleasant styling and shopping... Continue Reading →

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