Interview: Ashley Nell Tipton

Hey boos and baes! Today is a special interview that I had the pleasure of conducting with Ashley Nell Tipton. Many of you may know her as the Project Runway season 14 winner and fashion forward plus size designer who partnered with JC Penney's. However Ashley is now sharing her new journey via her new... Continue Reading →

Can I Have An Honest Moment about Self Love?

I thought about all the ways that I could write this article. I wanted to give the eloquent, positive affirmation rhetoric that gets the people's juices flowing. But...I can't. I want to be honest and as raw as possible so that you, the reader, hear what I'm saying without all the gentrified bopo performative talk.... Continue Reading →

Sistas How Ya’ll Feel?A Self Love Check-In

As a child, I remember my day dreams always consisted of me being someone different. With all the entertainment on television and pictures in magazines; the ideal beauty standard was clear. Thin. White. Flat butts. Busty. When there was representation of Black women; the standard was also very clear. Light Skin.Slim.Curvy. Busty. Voluptuous rear end.... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Myth of Promoting Obesity

One of the challenges of being a visible fat body is being subject to all sorts of accusations about my lifestyle, my health and my right to exist happily. One charge that gets thrown around constantly is "you're promoting obesity." I always wondered how a fat person posting a cute outfit is somehow promoting a... Continue Reading →

My Truth About Being Body Positive

I remember the first time I heard the phrase "body positive" (bopo for short). I remember thinking to myself that it was sort of an awesome way to describe what I had been teaching myself for years. Social media has obviously created a larger than life platform for the message of self love and body... Continue Reading →

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