Dear Small Business – A Thank You Note

Small business owners have never had it easy, but 2020 has certainly made it that much harder. I had the pleasure of knowing several small business owners before I joined the ranks; so I had the privilege of insight. This cozy 2 piece set was designed by: Lorenza James by Elle Dove There are positives... Continue Reading →

Curvy Spotlight: Signe’s Kreations

For well over a year I've been using press-on nails because it saves me money! Now more than ever, press-on nails are awesome since myself and many others like me are not comfortable risking it all just to get a fill in! Today's Curvy Spotlight is shining on a fairly new but no less talented... Continue Reading →

Feeling Pretty: Tara Lynn Boutique

Ok ya'll I am back! And I'm sharing a couple of items from one of my favorite places to shop these days! If you're no stranger to my blog or social media then you know how much I love Tara Lynn's Boutique! In fact I've written a review (here) and mentioned her in another article... Continue Reading →

Curvy Spotlight: StyleHaus Boutique

1.What is your name? Marie “Red” Messias 2.What is your business name? StyleHaus Boutique 3.What motivated you to open up your online clothing boutique? My passion for shopping, personal styling and all things relating to fashion motivated my desire to launch my online boutique. 4.What has it been like starting your own business? It’s been... Continue Reading →

Curvy Spotlight: Kloset Threads

One of the dopest takeaways from various events and mixers is the actual connections you make. I'm so pleased I went to Mo McKenzie's very first ATFB Mixer. If I hadn't, I would have never met Vanessa; the owner of one of my favorite boutiques to shop for accessories. Meet Vanessa: What is your business... Continue Reading →

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