Self Care – More Than a Buzzword

Self Care is not a stranger to this blog! Self care and mental wellness mean so much to me because of my journey with mental illness as well as navigating the mental health of my close loved ones. I do my best to practice what I preach (though I fall short many times) which is... Continue Reading →

Interview: Ashley Nell Tipton

Hey boos and baes! Today is a special interview that I had the pleasure of conducting with Ashley Nell Tipton. Many of you may know her as the Project Runway season 14 winner and fashion forward plus size designer who partnered with JC Penney's. However Ashley is now sharing her new journey via her new... Continue Reading →

Can I Have An Honest Moment about Self Love?

I thought about all the ways that I could write this article. I wanted to give the eloquent, positive affirmation rhetoric that gets the people's juices flowing. But...I can't. I want to be honest and as raw as possible so that you, the reader, hear what I'm saying without all the gentrified bopo performative talk.... Continue Reading →

Hello September & New State of Mind

I have been hesitant to blog because of the emotional and mental state I've been in. I don't want to be repetitive in my discussions about my depression and feelings regarding my health.  While I'm all for transparency, I have to do something more than just complain about my current emotional state. Chronic illness is... Continue Reading →

I’m Allowed To Love This Body

The title might seem misleading, so let me clarify by saying I'm talking to myself. Why would I do that? Because sometimes I need reminders. I spent a good portion of my life being taught my body type was not worthy of love. That in order to love it I must pummel it, sculpt it... Continue Reading →

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