Her Story: Cieanna

Name: Cieanna aka Cici
Age: Sexy 31 lol
Procedure Type: Gastric Sleeve

What prompted you to make the decision to go for wls?

I had a miscarriage in 2014 and was told it was due to my weight that i was unable to carry the baby.

Did/do you feel any pressure by a doctor to make this decision?

No actually my Primary doctor didn’t want me to do it until I was hospitalize for chest pains and thought i had a heart attack.

Did you try other methods to lose weight and what happened?

I tried slim fast, diet pills, exercising and going to the gym, Herbalife, I lost weight but it never stayed off after I stopped using the products.

What has the process been like for you psychologically (before and after)?

This is my 3rd time trying for the surgery- the first two times broke me down mentally – the first doctor shunned me because I didn’t lose enough weight- I’m like if I lost more weight I wouldn’t need the surgery duh lol. The second doctor turned me down because at the time I was seeing a therapist who was against women having the surgery- told my doctor that I was not taking my medication and wasn’t ready to have it. I’m like how dare you lie like that. some people are really against the surgery.

How do you feel emotionally regarding your decision (before and after)?

I am still in the process of having the surgery and emotionally I feel hope coming back into my life. I at first was ashamed because i let myself get this big and allowed myself to suffer this long.

Do you feel any regret for following through on your surgery?


Do you feel any hesitance to follow though on your surgery?

No in the beginning I can honestly say I was because I was afraid of change and how I will see myself but I got over it very quickly when I started developing shortness of breath.

How do you feel when you hear people say “weight loss surgery is the easy way out”?

It makes me very angry I feel that in this game of getting healthy everything is a tool if you go to the gym the exercise equipment is the tool if you decide to diet the shakes are the tool if you use those pills that Oprah promotes stating the dr. Oz says is the best those are too as well people for some reason don’t look at the bigger picture of being healthy it’s not how you did it it’s why you did it.

What has been the hardest part of all of this?

Keeping a positive mind despite all the negative advice and talk you’re going to hear from everyone.

What advice would you give for anyone facing weight loss surgery or who is trying to decide whether surgery is right for them?

Keep your head up do what is best for you and understand that no one can live your life but you. There are going to be times when you still see yourself as the fat girl but remember that inside is a beautiful smart intelligent vibrant woman who no matter what she looks like it’s always going to be a queen so ladies wear your crown and show them how you slay!!

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AP Young

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