The Evolution of My Makeup Skills

As most of you know if you’ve been following me for awhile; I am not a makeup person. At least not in the sense of knowing what I’m actually doing. I only recently started experimenting this year around July when I knew I was headed to the TCF Style Expo.


Definitely wasn’t my best look, but I was literally just learning which foundation and concealers worked for me, I hadn’t discovered setting powder yet, I didn’t know what full coverage was, or much about bronzer etc. And let’s be real here, I’m still nowhere near as fabulous as the those YouTubers who have been at it awhile- but that’s ok!

I am absolutely having fun discovering products and trying out new things! My first step was following some of those said YouTubers to figure out techniques for certain things. My second step was signing up for Ipsy and trying out trial size items before I made my decision to purchase. I do a monthly review which you can find under the Beauty Section of my blog in the menu.

I find that I am getting better at things, learning what works for me! And that’s key; everyone’s technique or desired look will not be the same. So take the advice of these YouTubers with a grain of salt. Also, keep in mind that some YouTubers are actual MUAs, some have gone to school, some have not, and some may not be MUAs at all and are just learning like you and me!

So tell me, what have you learned along your make up journey?

I’ve confirmed that red is definitely my color! And I love gold hued bronzers. My favorite bronzers are Tarte & Black Radiance Beauty. I also prefer Kiss Lashes No.11 or Poised; but if I’m going for a more dramatic look like the one in this pic; their Faux Mink are bomb.
I’ve learned that pinks really do well for me especially on days where I’m doing a basic look. I use a blush instead of a bronzer to give my face that extra subtle pop. Top it off lightly with bronzer tho!
They’re Real & XLXL Mascara from Bright Bold & Beautiful are my go to mascaras! I always use Elf Mascara primer before applying mascara. I also prefer liquid matte lipsticks though I’m not opposed to traditional formulas or lip glosses.

AP Young

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