33 Lessons in 33 Years

As I reflect on my 33rd year on this planet, I realize I’ve experienced a lot in a relative short amount of time. Below are 33 lessons I’ve personally learned in 33 years!

1. Mistakes will be made but they’re not to be dwelled upon.

2. Growth is a painful but productive necessity.

3. All relationships will not last but the lessons will.

4. Everyone will not celebrate your growth; and that is OK its not their job to.

5. All the things you once thought were big deals will shrink over time.

6. Marriage while beautiful is NOT easy and will not succeed without keeping God in it.

7. Exes are exes for a reason and you’d do well to remember those reasons.

8. Parenting is a thankless job for awhile.. don’t take it personal.

9. Holding onto grudges certainly only hurts you without a doubt.

10. If you hinder your growth to appease someone else’s ego your wasting your time and theirs.

11. Positive body image only works if you’re willing to relinquish preconceived notions of people who’s opinions don’t matter.

12. Size or weight is not an excuse to not live your best life.

13. Depression is not something to whisper about or be ashamed of.

14. Love will carry you through many trials.

15. It’s OK if you don’t achieve every goal you set.

16. Failure in some manner is inevitable; its up to you how to process it into something good or bad.

17. It is not your job to convince other people of your awesomeness.

18. Love cannot grow in selfish soil.

19. People you love and who love you back will hurt you; forgiveness exists for a reason.

20. Everyone will not like you.

21. Some days you will not like yourself; work on it.

22. You cannot force an outcome that’s not meant to happen.

23. Every opportunity you attempt to seize will not always be for you.

24. Criticism is a tool for growth when used wisely.

25. Pay attention to people’s actions more than their words.

26. True love absolutely exists; just not the way fairy tales portray it.

27. Family is not obligated to support you just because you’re family.

28. Every situation will not be black and white because the complexity of human psyche and emotion don’t allow for that.

29. Sex is not a casual act by nature.

30. You can’t hold imperfect people to a perfect standard then be mad when their imperfections show.

31. Take each moment as it comes.

32. Its OK to grieve the losses in your life; but don’t become so consumed you don’t make room for the gains.

33. It’s a blessing to be alive even on the days it may not feel that way.

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